Opening THE PILATES TREE and what you need to know going forward

May 28, 2020

I miss you all! After being closed for 2 months, we are finally at the stage where we can reopen the studio and start easing back into our ‘new’ normal. First, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you who supported the online classes. It was a bit of a learning curve but I’ve got things smoothed out now. For those of you who were not able to be online with us but reached out, thank you. In 14 years of business, this is just one more obstacle I hope to overcome with your support and am forever grateful. I have tried to reach out to many of you either via email or phone to see how you have been coping these past couple of months. I’ve not gotten to everyone, but it is my intention to touch base with those of you who were actively attending the studio before we had to close our doors. My brain has been going non stop and I have many ideas to take the studio forward while keeping you, the community and our studio teachers all happy and healthy at the same time. Following is a list of procedures for returning to the studio. I’ve outlined everything in detail and although it may seem like a lot, please take the time to read through it and familiarize yourself with these so we are all on the same page coming back.

1. I will be following guidelines recommended by WHO, CDC and Interior Health.

The link below outlines specifics for gyms and fitness centers (which is my WCB classification). This will also be posted in the studio for your reference.

Interior Health Covid-19 Guidelines for Gyms and Fitness Centers

2. Studio Hygiene Procedures:

Upon entering the studio, please remove your shoes as usual, put your mask on and place your belongings in a cubby. Then proceed to the washroom to wash your hands immediately. Proper hand washing procedures are posted in the bathroom. Please use the paper towel for your hands to open the bathroom door and deposit it into the wastebasket just outside the door to limit touching the door handle.

You will then be required to clean the piece of equipment that you will be working on. If you choose to wear gloves, you may. As usual, socks are required to be worn at all times in the studio. I will also be providing biodegradable, protective film you can wrap the wood handles with. This will be changed between clients.

Once you have finished your workout session, please clean your equipment again spraying your cloth first to clean any wood (please do not spray directly onto wood surfaces as this damages the finish). You can spray directly onto the vinyl and metal surfaces. Please be sure to wipe any excess liquid off and dispose of the used cloth in the laundry bins provided. All cloths will be washed at the end of the day. I will follow your cleaning with a 70% alcohol spray.

Once your equipment has been cleaned, please wash your hands thoroughly again.

In regards to payment, I would ask that you add your credit card details to your profile in the MBS system (it is secure). I can assist you with this if need be. This way we can do payments without using the POS terminal.

The reception area has been rearranged to limit how many people congregate in the studio. I know you will want to visit others which is great, but please limit your visit time inside and go outside on the front porch where you can visit safely.

The water cooler has also been removed so please bring a water bottle with you. I still have some for sale ($20).

In regards to wearing masks, this gets a little trickier. They can be more of a challenge when working out as we are breathing harder and faster. Please bring your own mask with you as these will not be provided and put them on after entering the studio and before you wash your hands.

3. Studio Operating Procedures:

I am changing the way the studio will operate for June. WAIT! Don’t stress…this is actually a very cool thing. All sessions will be 50 minutes in length as this is the recommended time limit to workout indoors right now. I am staggering client start times to be 30 minutes apart with bookings on the hour and on the half hour. This will allow a maximum of 6 people in the studio at any one time; 2 people will be in the reformer room, 2 people in the tower room and 2 people in the Cadillac/chair area.

Each client will be given their own repertoire card (a list of exercises for each piece of equipment showing springs, number of repetitions and spine shapes). We will have a short discussion on what exercises you are familiar and comfortable with and you will execute these on your own. I will still be there to guide you, help you and cue you. I will rotate between clients and rooms to assist when needed. This ‘Independent Practice’ will help with your brain health and longevity and is the way that Pilates was originally taught. Even though this is a new concept for The Pilates Tree, it is not new for me. I have experience working in a studio this way and ask that you trust me and give it a try.

Privates, semi-privates and trios will also be offered if you would like to book your workout with a friend. During these sessions, there will not be any Independent Practice times available to allow me to focus only on you. If you normally have an ongoing private, please send an email to to get it reinstated in the schedule. I ask for your patience while we get everyone organized and will work with you to get you set up and back into the studio.

The online booking system will also be changed slightly to reflect booking times for the Independent Practice. It will still show the mat and online classes that you can book into as I will be keeping a few of the online classes going forward indefinitely. This way, we can have 3 people doing a mat class in the studio together with others taking the online class with us. I’m very excited about this new, permanent addition to the studio.

4. Online classes from May 25th – May 28th:

I am cancelling some online classes from Monday, May 25th to Thursday, May 28th. I have been burning the candle at both ends, painting the studio and trying to get everything organized and ready for our return. I need some extra time to complete some tasks and I need to ensure that I am in tip top shape going back into the studio on June 1st.

Of course, we will constantly reassess the situation as we go forward. This is the best way to ease us back into our practice in the studio. Jumping right back into regular classes would be too risky. My first concern is your safety. Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss any concerns you may have. General inquiries should be sent to If you would like to speak to me privately, please email with your contact information and I will call you directly. I am very much looking forward to seeing you all soon!