Teacher Training

The TPT Teacher Training program is a 650 hour comprehensive teacher training program comprised of theory (lectures), anatomy, practice teaching, personal training and observation. You will learn how to find and feel the work in each exercise and what is the best way to teach this to others. This journey will challenge you and provide you with the skills you need to become a qualified, confident Pilates teacher.
Following is a complete breakdown of the program’s hours:

  • Entrance evaluation
  • 100 hours of theory (includes anatomy and repertoire) taught over 5 weekends throughout the year
  • 550 hours practical work:
    • 200 hours observing certified instructors
    • 200 hours practice teaching
    • 100 hours privates and classes (taking lessons from certified instructors)
    • 50 hours personal (self) practice
  • Miscellaneous (reading, videos, personal study, etc.)
  • Full advisor support throughout program
  • Exams

To fulfill all requirements, you should look at committing 15 hours a week to your training. You will have 12 months to complete the program with extensions available if necessary at an additional cost. While on the program, you will receive apprentice benefits within the studio.

The theory/lectures will be taught over 5 separate weekends throughout the year. During these weekends, you will cover the history of Pilates, the Pilates repertoire, how to use each piece of equipment and basic anatomy. You will also learn how to assess clients and how to develop a program that will help facilitate change in the client so they can ‘Return To Health’. Conditions and contraindications will be covered so that you can confidently teach clients coming to you from injury, looking to get back into a healthy exercise regime. You will learn how to teach classes with multi-levels of fitness and learn why and when to choose certain pieces of equipment over others to support your client in getting to new, stronger places within the body. Attendance to each of the 5 weekends is mandatory in order to complete the program. You have one year to complete these requirements.

For more information please contact Christine on 250-320-2639 or email teachertraining@thepilatestree.com.